Week 6 Delivery

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June 24th & 27th

In Your Box:

peas-great fresh, and freeze well for storage too
fennel- look for fennel tops and the bulb
green shallot-
salad mix-
bok choi-
head lettuce-
garlic scape- traditionally chopped up small and pickled in soy sauce for long-term storage. They are also great grilled.
basil- purple, lemon, & traditional italian this week.
napa cabbage- traditionally used in kimchee, asian cabbage, good in slaws.
salad turnips- purpley turnips great raw in salads.
kohlrabi- brassica family, round white or purple veggie, great in stir fries.
I altered one of my favorite baked fennel recipes to a stovetop braising recipe because I can't bear to turn the oven on in this kind of heat.

Braised Fennel with Garlic Scapes

*cut one fennel bulb into eight segments.
*put 2 tsp olive oil into a pan.
*on medium heat add the fennel and cover, stirring and turning pieces occasionally so they dont get too brown.
*squeeze a tablespoon or so of lemon juice into the pan
*add ¼ c water and cover for 10 minutes or so, chop 2 garlic scapes into small pieces and add to the fennel; keep covered until soft when pierced with a fork.
*salt to taste. White pepper if you like.
*garnish with fennel tops.
Echollective 5th Annual Garlic Party
July 11th-12th
please RSVP ~~
camping, potlucking, garlic pickin' & good times!

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ad hoc said...

Hey christy and derek - I just checked and saw that the name "echollective" is available on twitter - yall should grab it before somebody squats on it!
Also, I chatted with some members at the mkt yesterday - they were extremely pleased with the CSA and their share-boxes. They commented that they were impressed with the quality and cleanliness of the veg!
Kudos to farmer and crew hands!