Week 4 Delivery

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We're in the thick of the growing season! Our greenhouses continue to amaze us with their ability to grow huge tomato and zuchinni plants-- not to mention a lot of the early spring greens you've all already had in your boxes. The tomato plants are flowering, so it will be a couple of more weeks.
It's been great weather for planting-- the rain has been especially nice. We just finished putting in the pepper plants. The weeds are waist high here at the farm. Join us July 10th, 11th, 12th for our Annual Garlic Party-- at the farm. We'll be pulling garlic, learning about the preservation processing of garlic for long term storage, walks in the woods, pot-lucking all day, and bonfire at night!

In Your Box:
peas- just the beginning of pea season!
salad mix- always changing salad mix of fresh greens
bok choi-
spinach- almost the end of the spinach.... until fall
arugula- a spicy salad green
head lettuce-
broccoli- taste the difference in farm-fresh broccoli v.s. Store bought broccoli!
radish- crisp and tastey!
Garlic scape- the flowering shoot of the garlic plant, use like garlic in recipes.

Massaged Kale Technique
*slice out stems, roll kale leaves, slice into ribbons
*take a small amount of olive oil and a dash of salt and rub into each of the ribbons, so that it softens the kale

Use this technique for raw kale salads to make raw kale softer and easier to digest!

For a simple kale salad:
*use the aforementioned technique
*add ½ C grated carrots
*add ½ C grated radishes
*finely chopped garlic scape
*a squeeze of lemon
*sunflower seeds to garnish.

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