CSA Info

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Seasonal CSA's We Offer: 
  • Summer CSA (20 weeks.  May - September)
Couples Share: $395  Family Share: $630
The whole gamut.  Starting with spring greens such as chard, kale, dandelion, spinach, lettuces and Asian greens in either salad or braising mixes, spinach separate.  Arugula and kale bunches.  Green garlic and asparagus shoots early on, along with whole bok choi heads.  Sweet sugar snap peas.  Juicy red and pinstriped chioggia beets.  Tart 'n' tasty radishes and turnips.  Broccoli florettes.  Cabbage and lettuce heads.  Gourmet herbal bunches of cilantro, parsley and basil.  Zucchini, cucumbers and other squashes.  Tomatoes, heirloom and cherry, sweet and hot peppers, and eggplants.  Leeks, shallots, red and yellow onions!  What garlic and potato varieties we have, fresh grown varieties late in the season...and fresh garlic scapes!  To end the season, we phase back into our cooler spring greens in readiness for fall!

  • Fall CSA  (8 deliveries.  2013 Season: Oct. 9th to Nov. 30th)
Couples Share: $20/wk ($160 total)  
Family Share: $30/wk ($240 total)
A new era of delicious, healthy weekly vegetables!  Kale bunches!  Fresh potatoes and garlic, from plants tended throughout summer!   Lengthy daikon radishes!  The last of our tomatoes, peppers and eggplants, and an abundant variety of winter squashes and melons.....and so much more!

  • Spring "Weekly Boxes" (2015 Season Duration TBA)
Couples Share: $20
Family Share: $30
 The first spring greens you can get are available from us!  Spinach, braising greens and colorful salad mixes of Asian greens and kale!  Asparagus shoots a plenty. Pak choi heads.  Tart cilantro bunches.  Delicious radishes and beets!  Potatoes, onions and garlic, we also have green garlic, newly sprouted and pulled from the post-frost ground that can be cooked like leeks or green onions!  Our specials in this CSA provide newly-sprouted herbs at their freshest stage, such as spearmint, nettles, lovage, etc.  Any potatoes, garlic or onions that we have, cured and stored.

  • Winter "Weekly Boxes" (Nov.-March and Year-round)
Couples Box: $20
 Family Box: $30
Only CSA available in Winter.  This is also available year-round.  If you are not participating in one of our official seasonal CSAs, you can always contact us to purchase a box on a sort of "on-call" basis.  Additionally, this is all we will offer in Winter monthsOur spread will consist of whatever we have that week or, to get a better general idea of what to expect, we'll distribute what is grown during the months of the above-described seasons. Also check our most recent blog post and the CSA list that week to see what is most current.  Winter selection usually consists of potatoes, garlic, root vegetables (turnips, winter radishes, daikon radishes harvested in autumn), kales, what greens we have alive in cold frames (bok choi, head lettuces, spinach, etc), winter squashes and whatever else we may have handy.

Prices of the weekly boxes may vary.  Above pricing is an estimation.