Week 5 Delivery

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In Your Box:
peas-great fresh, and freeze well for storage too
green shallot-
salad mix-
bok choi-
head lettuce-
garlic scape- traditionally chopped up small and pickled in soy sauce for long-term storage. They are also great grilled.
basil- we're just getting started harvesting basil. Store your basil in a plastic bag in the coolest place in the kitchen-- but not the fridge-- that's too cold!
napa cabbage-
radish- almost to the end of radish season.
chard- see our swiss chard empanada recipe below


Swiss Chard Empañadas
pastery crust:
2c whole wheat pastery flour
4Tbsp butter, chilled
½ tsp salt
about 1/3 c ice water

2Tbsp olive oil
shallot & leek
1 bag swiss chard cut into thin slices
1 oz cheese of your choice
dash of lime juice
about ½ tsp salt
fresh cracked pepper

*mix flour, butter, salt in a bowl with your fingers until it forms pea sized pieces. Use a fork and stir in ice water, a little at a time. Knead until dough comes together in a ball. Cover and fridge for 1 hour.
*heat olive oil, add leek and shallot until transluscent. Add chard and cover for 2-3 minutes, until bright green. Take off of heat and add cheese and lime, seasonings to taste.
*roll out dough on a floured board to thickness of 1/8 inch. Cut 12 rounds ~ 3in in diameter. Fill, and fold in half, dampening edges to create a seal. Make 2 slits in each so that steam can escape. Brush with olive oil and bake 30 minutes or until golden @ 350º

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