Farm With Us!

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Volunteers and interns harvesting garlic

        During plentiful times at Echollective where there is much to be harvested, tended to, and no end to the list of things to do, the help we receive from willful volunteers is much needed and appreciated!  Contact us about volunteering, whether it be for one day a week, or a few.  We offer volunteer positions for work on our farm doing various tasks such as weeding, bed prep, harvesting and washing, and we also accept volunteers for assisting at the Farmer's Markets.  We could use short-term help any time of the year except winter, when there is much less to do.

 Work-Trade: If you are a CSA Member, we have a barter or Work-Trade option.  Contact us about details and arrangements.  We do not offer Work-Trade hours for helping at our Farmer's Markets.

Echollective is on the WWOOF Program.  We offer volunteer postings and information through them.  If you're on WWOOF, go check us out for more info!


          Echollective also offers internships to those who wish to experience life on an organic farm and CSA, and who really want to be immersed in gardening function, education, know-how and lifestyle.  We may accept and host one, perhaps two interns, who will live, eat and work here for at least two months.  Interns and volunteers need to hold themselves accountable for their work ethic and motivation for the ideals and goals for the farm. Our season is busy, and as such demands a lot of time from our farmers.  If you would like to learn more about a specific aspect of farming, ask questions or for personal instruction or demonstration.

For Internship guidelines and postings, visit: