Week 3 Delivery

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In Your Box:
salad mix- always changing salad mix of fresh greens
bok choi- try bok choi like 'ants on a log' with the bok choi replacing the celery stalks
spinach- great raw or cooked
Green garlic- add the white in the beginning of cooking, and the green part at the end.
Leek- pasta with mushrooms, leeks and tomato sauce, anyone?
head lettuce- these enormous leaves are perfect for lettuce wraps! Use your fav sandwich ingredients and wrap up in a lettuce leaf.

Dill- try cilantro and dill chopped with olive oil and vinegar + pepper for a great, simple, fresh salad dressing.
brazing mix- to 'braise' these greens, add them
at the end of cooking and cover with a lid until they turn bright green.
radishes- crisp and tastey!
kale- a heartier green, softer when steamed

beets and green onions

Bok Choi and Potatoes
*boil potatoes until soft, set aside
*chop a little leek and white part of green garlic; ¼ tsp coriander; sautee in a little sesame oil for a few minutes
*add white part of bok choi (sliced) and any other desired vegetables (carrots, radishes, etc)
*add potatoes back in
*add green leaves of bok choi, chopped-- lid until bright green.
* 1tsp lemon juice, ¼ c loosly chopped cilantro, salt to taste and a little fresh cracked pepper if you like.

baby Liliona in the greenhouse with flowering tomato plants

tomatoes soon!

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