CSA Newsletter Week 11: August 3rd, 4th & 5th.

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Hi all!

August is upon us! Hope you're all enjoying these sweet sweaty summer months. Work on the farm and in the garden has been steady and prosperous. Everything is looking mighty delicious! Can't wait to share it with you! This week, along with a list of what you'll be getting, I'm also posting storage tips- so that you can get the most out of the food we bring you!

This week in your box you'll find:

Cabbage: Store in a plastic bag in the crisper of your refrigerator.

Peppers: These keep better when refrigerated, though you can keep them in a paper bag at room temperature if you'll be using within a day or two.

Tomatoes: Never refrigerate tomatoes, unless they're overripe- even then it's usually best to keep 'em out at room temperature or just eat 'em.

Potatoes: Keep 'em cool, moist and dark in a paper bag. Don't store in potatoes in plastic bags or in the refrigerator. Use within a few days of purchase.

Eggplant: If you're going to use in a day or two store at room temperature, otherwise place in a plastic bag and keep in the refrigerator crisper.

Kale: Should be wrapped in a damp paper towel, placed in a plastic bag and kept in the crisper.

Zucchini: Keep in a plastic bag in the warmest part of the refrigerator.

Garlic: Keep garlic in a cool, dark and dry place, not too close to the stove. Some people braid and hang, others may keep in a cupboard or pantry of sorts.

Beets: If you're going to keep beets longer than a day or two cut the greens off and store separately in open plastic bags in the crisper. This will make both the beet and the greens last longer.

Basil : Cut the stems at an angle under running water, wrap in wet paper towel, place in a plastic bag and store in the crisper

Tulsi Basil: can be stored like the basil above or dried and used in teas. This particular type of basil has a clove-like flavor that tastes great as an addition to both hot and iced tea.

For more information about tulsi basil and the numerous health benefits it provides, check out http://hinduism.about.com/od/ayurveda/a/tulsibenefits.htm


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