Summer Endurance

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Although the land continues to provide abundance and works to respond to a crazy summer of fluctuating weather patterns, we are experiencing a difficult leg of the race.  Not down and out, just experiencing farm stress due to some crop failure and circumstances beyond what our able bodies and minds can save.

As we put deep trust into the land that we inhabit and farm, along with the sky shining (and sometimes down pouring) upon us, we apologize for having less options on our table this week. 

That said, we have gorgeous onions and garlic as we work hard to get it all picked and processed.  Our summer squashes are amazing and we have been getting a lot of feedback on the divinity of flavor in our potatoes.

“What I stand for is what I stand on."
~ Wendell Berry

CSA picks:

Lotsa summer squash... yellow, green and zephyr stripe (stir up the fry)
Garlic (and so it begins!)
Red onions (small and packed with flavor)
Candy onions (exceptional halved on the grill or roasted in the oven)
Scapes (yes, they are still coming... squeee!)
Parsley (far from just a garnish)
Red Potatoes (great roasted, carmelized with the onions, rosemary and balsalmic glaze)
Rosemary (place sprig under nose and inhale... bliss)
Mint (great in summer tea)
Cabbage (kraut anyone?)
Kale (always add greens)
Turnips (yes, you can eat them raw)

Quick Recipe:

Use squash/zucchini, red onion and garlic with butter/olive oil for a quick seasonal dish that is full of flavor. Here is the link for more instruction on sauteed zucchini and summer squash:

Special note to Cedar Rapids:

We will not be at the NewBo Farmer's Market this week but CSA members can pick up boxes at Greyhound Deli inside.  Thanks to our good friends who prepare some mean viddles and are there for us this week!

Thank you so much to all of you for supporting your local farmers.  We appreciate our relationship with you and the honor of being your farmers.

Much love,
Your Echo Team

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