Echollective CSA 2011 Season Member Feedback Survey!

3:12 PM Adrian 0 Comments

Hey folks, we just created a survey geared toward those who participated in our CSA over the 2011 season. Scroll down and you'll see it in the window below! It shouldn't take long, and your thoughts and opinions on how we do out here are tantamount (a big word for very, very important!) to our work.
Do you have feedback? Hangups or praise? Here's your chance to get that to us. We value what our members think, and we want to bring the best products to your table, while making it fairly convenient for you to get them. If you have any feedback or comments that do not fit in with the survey somehow, please email us!, or If you participated in our Fall or Winter CSAs that occurred not that long ago, you may of course take the survey as well. If you were a 2010 member and would like to leave feedback a little late, that's ok, too.

A big reminder to you all that our 2012 Season Sign-Up is now open! Fill in a membership slot while you can! Just click on our CSA Sign-Up page at the top.

In the meantime, take care in the cold weather out there, and remember that Spring is coming soon!

 It may seem like the survey below doesn't want to scroll down.  I don't know how to fix this, but to make it scroll down, hover your cursor over the "down" arrow button, and eventually it will "highlight" or turn blue when placed in a very particular position on the box.  You have to keep the mouse from moving at all, but it will let you scroll down.  I apologize for the problem and not being able to fix it.

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