2012 Season Member Sign-up Starts Now

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We have now opened up a new 2012 Season Member Sign-Up on our "CSA Sign-Up" page.  A few of you have emailed us early in regards to getting a veggie box for this season-- Thank You!  We've referred you over to our new CSA Signup, which was closed before, but is now open.  Simply click on the "CSA Signup" tab above, which will take you to our Small Farm Central link where you can signup.  Then, simply follow the directions, and it should take only a few minutes!  There is an option for returning members, don't forget!  At the top of the page that's opened after you click on the Echollective Small Farm Central page, a green banner asks you: "Returning Member?  Click Here."  This will make things easier for the both of us keeping track of current and past memberships.

If you have any questions or encounter any troubles, please contact us: echocsa@gmail.com!

As for on-the-farm news, Echollective is starting seeds for the new season already.  Soon the house is going to be crowded with veggie-babies and cabbage-patch kids.  Our vegetables in the ground and greenhouses are asleep for now, blanketed in plastic, Reemay and snow, growing and rejuvenating slowly until we uncover them in Spring.  Hopefully they'll be OK 'til then!  Crops like spinach, which are the majority of what we have left, are super-hardy and can hang out until the weather looks up.  On the other hand, our lettuce heads and kale that we still have may or may not be having the good time.

As for the human being inhabitants on the farm, we are also in hibernation mode.  In between doing winter farm work, seed-starting and cleanup, we stuff our cheek-pouches full of acorns, dig out our food stashes, keep warm and sleep.....and maybe watch the X-Files or several Harry Potter movies in a row.

Grantwood Farmer's Market still continues...come visit us there!  We still have some local food fare.  Next market day is Feb. 4th.  See ya then!

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