Did Someone Say Rain?

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"Eating is an agricultural act."

~ Wendell Berry

Lately, we have been looking around daily saying to each other, "And where is this rain we keep hearing so much about in weather reports?"  We have been doing the farmer scramble to prepare for fore cast rains that are not arriving.  One good result is that we have a lot of onion varieties and shallots out of the ground, as to avoid them getting rain soaked.  A more challenging circumstance is that we are farmers in need of a little rain now!

What a dance it can be sometimes, a crazy beautiful one, that can feel like swimming an impeded stream at times.  Then, there are other times when we get to see robust shallots fly off the market table as we share in the joy of our market customers excitement.

CSA members will soon be cooking with these beauties.

As for this week, boxes include:

Cooking greens
Kennebec potatoes
Candy Onions
Red Onions
Summer Squash

For a quick and easy dish, chop eggplant and potatoes into small cubes and roast.

Toss with oil of your choice, chopped garlic and onion, chopped rosemary and thyme.

Place on oiled baking sheet or on parchment paper.

Heat at 400 degrees for about 20-25 minutes.

Remove from heat and sprinkle with fresh basil, letting it warm with the hot dish for a few minutes before serving.

From farm to fork, farm laughter to market table smiles and stories, we so appreciate serving locals and thank all of you for another week, albeit a hot and dry one, of growing and eating good food.

Thank you!
Echo Team

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