Cottonwoods Blow, Mustard Greens Rule and Mint Refreshes!

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The air is full of cotton-like snow fall and as the Cottonwoods release their tiny cloud seeds to the sky, Echollective farmers and plants adjust to a warm June beginning.  It is a very fruitful week and we have a lot to offer to our CSA members and farmer market shoppers!  The skies have been pure magic to farm the land under.

We will be at our usual Iowa City locations this week and in Cedar Rapids, this will be the first week of the Downtown Farmer's Market!  Please click on this interactive map to get a leg up on how to navigate your way through.

We are spot 131, across from Zin's on 3rd Street.  For our Cedar Rapids CSA members, do not hesitate to reach out in order to make sure you know where to go to get your box this week, as we will not be at NewBo.

You can anticipate asparagus, turnips, radishes, braising or cooking greens, spinach, bok choi, mint, mustard greens, rapini and a lettuce head in your collection this week.

One of these exciting additions to your box this week is mustard greens!  Hmmm... not sure what to do with them?  Just think kale and then get excited because mustard greens are actually a big show!  Great article/recipe by Cooking Light:

You will also find a bundle of fresh mint in your box.  There are many things to do with this potent and healthy herb.  But the Mojito is king.  We offer a few variations with this next link but chose to highlight the Spiced Ginger Mojito as ginger is a big favorite amongst the Echo Team, in food and drink.  After getting the summer squash in the ground, we can definitely recommend this lovely thirst quencher, with FRESH LOCAL MINT, via Echollective!!! 

Spiced Ginger Mojito


Preparation method

  1. Place the mint, sugar and lime into a sturdy tall glass and mash (muddle) with the end of a clean rolling pin.
  2. Add the spiced rum and a scoop of crushed ice. Mix thoroughly with a tall spoon and top up with ginger beer.
  3. Garnish with a sprig of mint and a thin slice of fresh ginger.

    Thanks again for farming with us!  We love being your farmers.

    Your Echo Team

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