Friday, December 30, 2011

No Market this Saturday....but....

...our week-by-week CSA continues! Now, who would have dreamed of a "wet" Christmas? Still no snow, and the chillingly cold temperatures we usually expect by the end of December...but with the rain pouring down and continuously warm temperatures, we will expect new growth. Which means-- more veggies still! Winter CSA continues.

Contact Derek to get in on next week's share: or call (319)325-3910.

What to expect:

Daikon Radishes
Braising Mix (Kale, tokyo lettuce, pac choi, chard, etc.)
Head Lettuce
Salad Mix
Asian Greens

Again, no market this week. The next market will be January 7th. So you will not find your box there. If you participate in CSA, your share will be delivered to you!

We hope you all had a nice, happy, relaxing vacation or holiday with family or friends. We sure did! See you next week!

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