Edible Wild Plants Walk/Dinner

2:45 PM Jes 0 Comments

I was able to sit down with Randall last weekend to collaborate and organize our ideas we've been formulating this Spring in hosting some workshops at the Farm! We both were getting giddy with our enthusiasm even after we downed the Scullcap/Lemon balm tea. To start things rolling, a basic wild foods (mostly plants) walk and dinner was in order. Randall, who has studied at ISU in Ecology and an extensive self-study, with I, who had studied from a non-Western, non-scientific, Indigenous perspective of health and plants and the earth will give a guided walk with plant identification, giving you full spectrum knowledge of the medicinal, edible, and utilitarian uses. We'll have a follow-up, covering plant and harvest Ethics, handouts, and a Wild Foods Dinner! Yep, we'll cook up and fix up some wild dishes and drinks for you to sample. ( helps for retaining all the info we dish out from the walk). If you're keen on it, bring your own wild dish/drink to share, and if you don't fill up, stay for the Potluck! This will be Sunday, May 15th at 1:00-3pm. $15 suggested donation for the class(Trades welcome, too!). Bring your friends and kids and kids' friends.

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