Greenhouse greens: come and get 'em!

4:42 PM Christy 2 Comments

Hungry for your spring greens?? Pre-order with Derek (@ by Thursday: We're selling bags of mixed-baby spring greens..... $8/lb. Kales, collards, bok choi, and spinach-- very tender and yummy!! Pick up at our house Saturday morning 10-noon.

Remember these pictures from the beginning of February?? These greens have been happily growing, and now they're ready for you to eat them!
And there's more:
And more:
And more:
My oh my, I love spinach!!! I think I'm going to have to make another pan of spanikopita...

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detrivore said...

Hey D&C! Just saying hi. This is brendan typing from snohomish, wa. Erin and I are renting a place on 5 wooded acres with a rad greenhouse thats all ours to use. Also got chickens and no one can take them away. Had a really lite winter, people kept chard, spin, and kale throughout if they had cold frames here which is pretty neat. Hope all is well, go echollective.

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