Week 1 Delivery

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It's a time of year plentiful with leafy greens! We had a frost this past week which killed some tomatoes and turned some asparagus to mush. Luckily we have tomato starts to replace much of what was lost. The rain this week has been nice and all the plants (and weeds) are growing fast! Hooray for the first week of deliveries!!!

In Your Box:
arugula- a spicy spring green!
salad mix-
bok choi
- one of our favorites-- great fresh or raw, in soups, salads or stir fries. Even try the leaves as chips!
yuuuum! Spinach salad with strawberries, balsamic and almonds.... need I say more?
red leaf head lettuce-
swiss chard- red veined green, tender when steamed
almost the last of our asparagus for this year.

spring garlic-
garlic harvested in spring before the bulb has formed, use as you would normally in recipes
radish- French breakfast radishes- traditionally sliced and served with bread, butter and a pinch of salt leeks- these leeks stood all winter! Can be prepared similar to garlic/ onions in dishes.
green onions-
these survived the winter too!

a lemon-y herb! Great chopped up in salads

anise hyssop
- a great herbal tea, yummy in coconut milk dishes too

spearmint- another tastey tea, try infusing fresh spearmint in hot water, strain, then put this tea in the fridge for a refreshing drink. For longer storage- hang to dry.
use fresh or hang to dry and then store in a jar.

ging nettle- prepare with caution! Nettles are very rich in vitamins and minerals and are one of the most nourishing wildcrafted greens. Cooking or food processing gets the sting out!

Raw Nettle and Arugula Pesto ½ C sunflower seeds ~ 2 C stinging nettle leaves ~ 1 C arugula juice of ½ a lemon salt to taste Combine in a food processor until smooth. (Wear gloves or use caution when handling the nettles-- or don't! The sting of nettle has been used intentionally for bringing circulation to an area for conditions like arthritis.)

Stinging Nettle


Spring Salad Dressing 1 or 2 leeks, 1 garlic, 2-3 green onions, 2-4 sprigs of oregano- de-stemmed, 4 sorrell leaves, and a touch of spearmint *cut the above ingredients into chunks and put in the blender/ food processor, or chop them up finely. Add ~ 1 C olive oil and ¼ C balsamic or apple cider vinegar. Add water to the consistency that you like. Stores about a 2 weeks in the fridge. **Add a little yogurt if you prefer a creamy dressing

Please contact us if you don't know how to identify something in your box, get stuck with what to do with a veggie, or if you have questions or comments! Echollective CSA~~ echoCSA@gmail.com or 515-201-5593.

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