Thursday, February 5, 2009


Echollective Farm CSA
contact: or Christy @ 515-201-5593
About our Farm: Echollective Farm is a farming enterprise on an intentional community located 25 minutes from Iowa City. A cluster of farmers, interns, and volunteers cultivate 14 acres with a wide array of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and hay; and steward 20 forested acres including a creek. We've been farming for 8 years at Echollective, always using organic and sustainable practices. You already know our produce from New Pi Co-op, Iowa City's finest restaurants, and of course the downtown Iowa City Farmer's Market. Now, we're adding a CSA!! Subscribe to receive a box of freshly picked and washed produce from our farm. We'll deliver the boxes to Iowa City for pick-up at the Iowa City Farmer's Market. In years of flood/drought, our shares may be smaller; in years of bounty our shares will be bigger.

What is Community Supported Agriculture? "CSA is a relationship of mutual support and commitment between local farmers and community members who pay the farmer an annual subscription fee. This helps to cover the production costs of the farm. In turn, members receive a weekly share of the harvest during the local growing season. The arrangement guarantees the farmer financial support and enables many small- to moderate-scale organic and/or bio-intensive family farms to remain in business. Ultimately, CSA programs create "agriculture-supported communities" where members receive a wide variety of foods harvested at their peak of freshness, ripeness, flavor, vitamin and mineral content. “

Pricing Family subscription (produce for a family of 3-5 for 20 weeks)= $600 Couples' subscription (produce for 2 for 20 weeks)= $375 We ask that you pay ½ the fee upon registration, and ½ at the beginning of the season. Pricing a problem? We also have a work-trade option. Ask for details!

Contact Information: For general farm questions, CSA membership contact Christy at: 515-201-5593

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Pick-up Information Shares are delivered to the Iowa City Farmer's Market on Wednesday and Saturday for 20 weeks starting the end of May. An alternative pick up time may be possible, just contact us. In addition to the delicious, fresh picked vegetables; your box will include a newsletter with updates/stories from our farm, and seasonal recipes featuring our delicious produce. We select varieties of our vegetables based on their flavor, nutritional content, and uniqueness! Vegetables at supermarkets are selected for their uniformity and their ability to be shipped long distances. You'll taste the difference in our produce!
By supporting local farms, you help to support agriculture and sustainability in your own community.

Our CSA project is part of Echollective's broader mission to support and educate the public about: sustainably & locally produced food; renewable energy; and green building construction. We also conduct hands-on workshops; host internship programs; and harvest & market products that make our community healthier. Questions... comments??? We'd love to hear from you!!!


ad hoc said...

Hi comrades,
Great job on the echollective brochure - kudos to lahana and yandariel!
Let me know if I can help in any way - I was amazed by Derek's new planting system - I will try to get video of him using it.
Here's the link to my main blog - where I'm about to go post the video D sent out in that email.
peace until next time...
eric d

ad hoc said...

Embedding update -
Just go to the youtube video you want, and copy the stuff in the box marked "embed." You may get the option to customize the frame the video appears in, and the size. Wait until you finish customizing, and then copy the code from the box.
Then go to your blogspot post your making, and click on the tab marked "edit HTML." Paste the embed text into that message body. When you go back to the other view you can put text above and below or alongside the video frame.
Happy blizzoggin!!
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