Week 8 Delivery

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Week 8 July 8th & 11th Echollective Farm Mechanicsville, IA

We've got a few more summer veggies this week: tomatoes and zuchinnis from the greenhouse, potato harvest starting too.

A lot of folks have been going on vacation-- please remember to let us know if you'll be out of town, as we don't have refrigeration space to keep your box from wilting. We can arrange to have your box donated, or you can arrange to have a friend pick up the box for you.

Garlic Party this weekend!!! We're going to be closing down a few rows of peas-- they're a bit overgrown, but there are still LOTS of peas on the vines, so, as a treat to folks who come out this weekend-- pick all you want peas! Freeze 'em for winter, you'll be thrilled in December! Garlic activities will be starting in the afternoon on Saturday. Potluck, Pickin', and Campin'. It looks like it'll be a hot weekend, but we'll be making smoothies, and garlic ice cream for cool down treats. Come on out!

Garlic house where we hang garlic to dry

In Your Box: peas- green shallot- leek- garlic scape- salad mix- basil- chard- kale- beets- turnips- parsley- zuchinni- tomatoes- sungold cherry tomatoes potatoes- these potatoes are fresh from the earth so stick them in the fridge or use them promptly
Mashed Potatoes & Turnips
boil potatoes and turnips together- as much as you want to make, half as many turnips to potatoes

when soft, remove from water and mash, adding olive oil, a splash of lemon juice, and milk (my fav is coconut milk), salt to taste, pepper if you like, garnish with parsley and chopped garlic scape.
Got any greens in your box that you're not using?? Extend your CSA season by storing your greens for winter! Chop up and sautee any wilting greens with a little olive oil until they're bright green. Puree in a food processor or blender with a little water and freeze into ice cubes. Once frozen, put into freezer bags and LABEL. These are great to add to winter soups, sauces, or almost anything for more flavor and nutrition!!


Week 7 Delivery

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We can't believe it's already July! Especially with chilly nights and cool overcast days. Though, after last week's heat, we're greatful for the break. It's about the end of the greens season-- at least until fall greens come on. We've got zuchinnis this week, and tomatoes will be coming soon! We're preparing for the big garlic harvest too. Derek estimates 2 ½ – 3 tons of garlic to harvest this year! Hope to see you all next weekend at the garlic party!

In Your Box:

fennel- also nice grated in a salad
green shallot-
salad mix-
garlic scape- traditionally chopped up small and pickled in soy sauce for long-term storage. They are also great grilled.
salad turnips- purpley turnips great raw in salads.